Pippa Stacey – Drawing Classes

Drawing classes with Pippa Stacey Part One : ‘Crystal Crawlies’ The Brief : To create up-cycled plastic ‘Crystal Crawlies’ for a collaborative installation for the Sydenham Arts Festival Artists Trail 2015 Starting Point : Drawing insects from images – mixing

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Sarah Adie

Based in Cornwall. Semi-abstract stone carvings of organic forms, often in movement. Inspired by music, dance and stillness, lines and curves in nature, the human figure, and the shamanic in the stone itself. 

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The Quirky Jewellers

Quirky Jewellers is a group of learners who came together at Community Education Lewisham. The group explore ideas, encourage each other, exhibit and sell together.

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Rosalind Guy

“I’ve earned my living as a ‘Jobbing Artist’ (if you want one, I’ll make you one).     I studied painting at the Royal Academy and I started to do my own work, now I’m retired.”  Workshop: Basic painting technique

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Jacqueline Pennell

Site specific installation.

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Johnny Lofts

“In my lino prints and woodcuts I use birds and the landscape to depict the human condition.”  Workshop: Relief printing/lino printing

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Shaita Hikmat

“My Family. I use photography to explore the theme of Muslim identity in Britain through the decades. By seeking to understand the experience of first generation Muslims through photography I aim, in this exhibit, to capture family life in the

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Jade Belletty

Young, self-taught artist specialising in oil pastels. Has a passion for portraits, places and politics and will be displaying an array of colourful work related to these themes.  

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Jack Trewin

Oil paintings of dramatic contrast, portraits and figures in charged scenarios. 

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Helen Adie

Exploring the dynamic effects of shadow and light in theatrical and natural settings, with a special interest in etching/ aquatint and woodcut. A background as an actress and director inform the most recent work. 

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