Pippa Stacey – Drawing Classes

Drawing classes with Pippa Stacey Part One : ‘Crystal Crawlies’ The Brief : To create up-cycled plastic ‘Crystal Crawlies’ for a collaborative installation for the Sydenham Arts Festival Artists Trail 2015 Starting Point : Drawing insects from images – mixing

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Rosalind Guy

“I’ve earned my living as a ‘Jobbing Artist’ (if you want one, I’ll make you one).     I studied painting at the Royal Academy and I started to do my own work, now I’m retired.”  Workshop: Basic painting technique

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Patmo de Levin

Art teacher specialising in oils, pastels and oil pastels. Interested in how memory and imagination transform landscapes and portraits. 


Jade Belletty

Young, self-taught artist specialising in oil pastels. Has a passion for portraits, places and politics and will be displaying an array of colourful work related to these themes.  

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Jack Trewin

Oil paintings of dramatic contrast, portraits and figures in charged scenarios. 

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Fiona Barnes

Abstract paintings and landscapes on board and canvas. 

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Susan Cox

Last year Susan’s art developed strong coastal figurative themes. Susan’s new work is concerned with figures in landscape creating particular atmospheres especially around friendships and family. 

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Dechen Chodren

“My artistic work has always been influenced by the natural beauty of the earth and the magnificent colour & light.Water fascinates me.”


Alison Pullen

Painter of interiors using unusual collage technique. Commissioned by HM Queen to paint in Buckingham Palace, made into London Underground posters. Designed Royal Mail stamps.


Dave Ridgeon

“Original acrylic paintings inspired by a love of colour and travelling – thanks to my dear old mum for teaching me.”      

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