Paul Treacy

“Seeing Sydenham” – a serious street photographer and trained photojournalist, Paul has been making photographs of Sydenham and its surroundings since 2008. His images endeavour to intrigue and delight.

Paul Wilks

“What we make as artists must be a direct product of visual experience and ideally at, or close to, the moment of that experience. The rest is fiction.”  

Audrey Williams

  “My name is Audrey Williams, I am a self-taught artist, I became ill in 2003 and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I needed to be distracted and do something positive for my mind body and soul. I started painting

Joyce Treasure

Joyce Treasure translate concepts relating to identity working with body forms, which allow her to explore the sense of movement within her work. She uses mixed media, collage and various substrates, working within layers. For the past two years Joyce

Cinzia Castellano

“Falling” Series “Falling” (St Bride’s, London) (2014) by Cinzia Castellano.  

David Johnson

“Falling” Series “Falling” (Returning To Earth), (2014) by David Johnson.  

David Wagstaffe

“Falling” Series “Falling” (FAIL-FALL), (2014) by David Wagstaffe.

Doodle Sketchly

“Falling” Series More about Doodle here or Crazy Quilt Bouquet’s website. Doodle’s alter ego has a piece called Storm House in Creating a Storm for Cancer at UK Art Aid.

Gordon Dawson

“Falling” Series by Gordon Dawson.    

Helen Murphy

  Falling” Series “Falling” (Sucked In) (2014)