Drawing Classes 2014 – with Pippa Stacey – Part 1

‘Surreal Sea Creatures’

ps Theo Alexander Age 10

Theo Alexander age 10

The Brief :
To create a 3D Sea Creature for a collaborative installation for the Sydenham Arts Festival Artists TrailStarting Point :
Drawing fish from selected images
Media : pencil

Development :
Drawing fish from observation (rather smelly classes!)
Mackerel/Rainbow Trout/Parrot Fish/Salmon head/Sharks head
Media : pencil/colouring pencil/soft pastel/collage

Outcome :
The creation of a 3D sea creature developed from initial drawn work and plasticine maquettes
Medium : papier maché/wire/clay/cardboard/carrier bags/kitchen and toilet roll inner sleeves/string/milk bottle cartons/ bubble wrap/tissue paper/foil/glitter/buttons/sequins etc

ps Nathaniel Rae Age 16

Nathaniel Rae age 16

ps Ioulia Kasapidis

Ioulia Kasapidis

ps Kali Piper-Cheddie

Kali Piper-Cheddie

ps Jonas Benseler Reid detail

Jonas Benseler-Reid

ps Esme Domica Age 13

Esme Domica age 13

ps David Lloyd Roberts (adult)

David Lloyd-Roberts

ps Ami Patel Age 12

Ami Patel age 12

ps2 Vincent To Age 14

Vincent To age 14

ps2 Silvarn Matteus-Edwin Age 12

Silvarn Matteus-Edwin age 12

ps2 Nira Patel 2 (adult)

Nira Patel 2 (adult)

ps2 Mia Jethwa Age 13

Mia Jethwa age 13

ps2 James Appleton Age 9

James Appleton Age 9

ps2 Isabella Cory Age 11

Isabella Cory age 11

ps2 Ella Edwards Age 9

Ella Edwards age 9

ps2 Diego Sanna 2

Diego Sanna

ps2 David Luu Age 12

David Luu age 12

ps2 Ben Meacher Age 12

Ben Meacher age 12

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Second Weekend Only
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