Robert Lawrence

Calabash 260018_351699098246981_392697769_nRob has a unique style, developed by fusing traditional African arts:  Ethiopian, ancient Kemetic and Asante and combining them with comic book art to give an esoteric feel to his work.

Rob has been a practicing artist for the last 6 years after rediscovering his passion after 10 year break from art college ,He like to experiment with bringing African and Rastafarian art into his work. “I am intrigued by the diversity of shapes used by various African tribes in masks, markings, symbols, henna techniques and weapons. I’m trying to fuse the African influence and its link with the eternal struggle of Rastafarianism, combined with my own personal style. My musical preferences and personal life has a strong influence on my work and I try to always create art or tattoos for someone using musical inspiration and a little bit of that individual’s personality. I am interested in all styles of tattoos, art or tattoo art”.

Rob is also a tattoo artist and the owner of Inkwa Tattoos, a studio that brings African inspired art to the London tattoo industry as he believes the rich heritage of African art and culture is often overlooked as inspiration for tattoo design.


Rob is showing his art at Inkwa.