Drawing Classes 2014 – with Pippa Stacey – Part 2

Inspirational Drawings.

PS2b The Sun in the Darkness James Appleton age 9

“The Sun in the Darkness” by James Appleton age 9


Fantastic drawn work from students aged 7 to adult.

Mixed abilities create an eclectic body of work to inspire the viewer.

Each piece of work has its own unique quality expressing the personality of the artist.

PS2c 'Patchwork Fish' Dulcie McCull Age 11

‘Patchwork Fish’ Dulcie McCull Age 11

PS2 c 'Seated Youth' Andre Matteus-Edwin Age 15

‘Seated Youth’ Andre Matteus-Edwin Age 15

PS2 c 'Memory Room' Vincent To Age 12

‘Memory Room’ Vincent To Age 12

PS2b 'Mackerel' Nikole  Age 13

‘Mackerel’ Nikole Petratouwells Age 9

PS 2b 'Make Believe' Grace Nolan Age 12

‘Make Believe’ Grace Nolan Age 12

PS2b Juanita Bradley Age 12

Juanita Bradley Age 12

PS 2b 'Hippocampe' David Lloyd Roberts Adult

‘Hippocampe’ David Lloyd Roberts Adult

PS2b Meena Pai 'Parrot Fish' adult

Meena Pai ‘Parrot Fish’ adult

PS 2b 'Geranium' Ella Edwards Age 9

‘Geranium’ Ella Edwards Age 9

PS2b Florence Quigley Age 10

Florence Quigley Age 10

PS 2b 6 Layered Owl' Cora Weiss Age 13

6 Layered Owl’ Cora Weiss Age 13

PS2b Isla Kasapidis Age 11

Isla Kasapidis Age 11

PS 2b 'Upside Down Drawing' Diego Sanna Age 9

‘Upside Down Drawing’ Diego Sanna Age 9

PS 2b 'Maze' Nathaniel Rae Age 16

‘Maze’ Nathaniel Rae Age 16

PS 2b 'The Soulful Muse' Nira Dandiker Adult

‘The Soulful Muse’ Nira Dandiker Adult

PS 2b 'Fish' Isabella Cory Age 11

‘Fish’ Isabella Cory Age 11

PS 2b 'Plastic Collage' Rosa Neville-Johnson Age 8

‘Plastic Collage’ Rosa Neville-Johnson Age 8

PS 2b 'The Forest' Joel Amey Age 12

‘The Forest’ Joel Amey Age 12

PS 2b2 'Jaws II' David Luu Age 12

‘Jaws II’ David Luu Age 12

PS 2b 'Ocean' Max Greggs Age 8

‘Ocean’ Max Greggs Age 8


SECOND WEEKEND ONLY @ 2 Earlsthorpe Road, SE26 4PD
Second Weekend Only
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